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Why You Should Keep Your Marketing Content Fresh

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I dedicated just over an hour yesterday going through my website ( . I tweaked some of the wording, updated services and even changed the layout in a few places. Even though currently I don’t rely heavily on my website for marketing, it’s a great reference tool when I speak with prospects who want to gain a little more insight into what I do.

It’s important to review any and all content and marketing platforms you use every year. Even simple tweaks to your profile details and a new profile pic are quick ways to freshen it up. Your website is definitely something you should look at with fresh eyes yearly. Here’s a pet peeve…visiting a website only to find drastically outdated info and a copyright date from three years ago. If you use one of the many point-and-click design sites, many of them make it pretty straight forward to update your site theme to an updated template.

You may not realize it, but clients and prospects DO notice if your site is professional and updated – in content and design. So whether you are methodical about scheduling time to review your marketing strategy and content every few months, or just make a point to do it at the end of each year, it’s truly a value-add activity. A few quick tips:

· Start a document where you can make quick notes of items you want to review/change.

· Bookmark websites/social media accounts that spark your creativity and give you new ideas (but don’t copy!).

· Ask friends and trusted colleagues to give you some feedback both before and after on your site and content – always good to get an opinion from someone on the “outside”.

It definitely felt good to make some improvements and catch a few items that needed updating on my site! So carve out a little time to freshen up your site, publish a new blog or post to your social media accounts (I admit I’ve been slacking in these areas). Maybe you even want to jump in and try your creativity at designing a new logo. I have several Etsy shops so updating my logos and banners is something I do a lot, and Canva is a super easy graphics design tool for logos, social media posts, eBooks and more! The bottom line is, consider it time well spent!


Katie Bauer started Effective Virtual Assistance, LLC, in 2008. Based out of Northern Virginia, Effective Virtual Assistance, LLC partners with small businesses locally and nationally to give business owners the time they need to focus on core business and revenue generating activities. With a firm belief that when a client is successful, that reflects on her success, Katie’s goal is to go above and beyond with each and every client task and project.

Over the years Katie has been contacted by aspiring VAs through clients or directly via her website, asking for insight and advice. She realized writing a short eBook to share her experience along with offering some of the documents and tools could benefit other Virtual Assistants. Visit her Etsy shop to find these great resources.




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